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Friday 31 August 2012

10 ways to a better Security

(1)always scan your file at Do not distribute the sample or

(2) sandbox everything and use Anti-Malware

(3) make a vmw = vmware workstation

(4)use a keyscrambler in your vmware

(5)use firefox always delete Cookie and history after closing never save password

(6)if u are going to hack use a vpn- virtual privet network

(7) if your buying some software form a user make sure u research him
read his threads ask a friend. read the scam page.send the money as a gift on paypal.

(8)if something looks to good 2 be free well its not its most likely backed door

(9) never download form a telnet Nono= ppl with 10 post

(10) add a firewall in your vmware workstation and anti virus guard

(11) add a firewall anti virus guard on your pc outside your vmware workstation use a scrambler and a sandbox everything

(12) buy a 5tb External Hard Drive and back up everything ((scan file)) b4 adding

(13) one of the important factors in keeping tools undetected from anti viruses


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